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Dare me to the desert

Payment Information

There is no ATM’s or currency exchanges available in Wadi Rum village, nor credit card facilities, all payments must be made in cash. We kindly ask that you bring the necessary amount of cash in Jordanian Dinars (JD) with you when you arrive in Wadi Rum Village to avoid any difficulties.

Getting here

By Taxi:
Aqaba to Wadi Rum: 20-25JD
Petra to Wadi Rum: 45JD (high season)
Amman to Wadi Rum: 80-90JD


By Bus:
There are many buses from Aqaba to Wadi Rum, it is best to check the timetable in the days leading up to your arrival in Wadi Rum to determine the most suitable bus.
From Petra there is one bus to Wadi Rum which leaves at 6am, arriving at 8-8.30am, costing 7JD.
There are no direct buses from Amman to Wadi Rum. The best option is to get the bus to either Aqaba or Petra, and then catch another bus to Wadi Rum.

Arriving at the Wadi Rum visitor centre you must pay 5JD to enter, or it is free if you purchased the Jordan Pass.

Please provide the following details:

Your name, nationality and the number of people. If you are traveling with children, please provide their age. The name of the program(s) you would like to book with dates and number of days you wish to stay.


How will you get to Wadi Rum, where from and what time you think you will arrive. If you need help with the transfer, we can arrange a taxi for you if you like. If you are planning on arriving with a rental car. We will meet each other at the Rest House in Rum Village after you passed the Visitor’s Centre.


You can always contact us on +962 7 7962 2364, or book through Tripadvisor or Airbnb.


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Instagram @bedouintrail


Call or message us on Whats’App.

+962 7 7962 2364

It’s always easier

You can always book through

Tripadvisor or Airbnb

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