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The Bedouin Way

3 days — 2 nights

Day One & Day Two — Jeep Tours and Jebel Umm Ad Dami

These two days will be the same as per the Bedouin Wisdom Tour.

Evenings — Bedouin by the fire

After your discoveries of the day it will be time to head to our bedouin tent at the heart of the park. There you will have time to relax and explore the area on foot and enjoy the sunset and the rainbow of colours our desert displays in this incredible moment of the day. Once you are back at the tent we will set the fire to prepare the bedouin food and make tea. Over a traditional dinner you will be able to ask all the questions you want about the bedouin life, listen to stories, learn about untold traditions. The immensity of the nights sky holds an abundance of stars to wish upon which can only be found in a desert experience.

Day Three — Trekking Burdah Rock Bridge

Burdah Rock is one of the most rewarding and beautiful hikes in Wadi Rum, we will climb up to the natural arch and be surrounded by some amazing views. This climb could be uneasy for some hikers particularly if you're weary of heights. After descending some will tea be prepared by your guide on a fire after which you will then be driven back to Wadi Rum Village, where we will wish you well and say goodbye until next time.

We can also organise a one hour camel ride back to the village for a little extra experience and cost (35JD).


We provide

All bedouin meals provided, water and tea

English-Speaking bedouin guide and his jeep

Sleeping equipment

You need to bring




Sleeping bag, if you want to be warmer




Sunscreen & hat


Warm clothes


Sturdy shoes


Tour is up to 6 people.

2-4 people — 245JD/person

4-6 — 225JD/person



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