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Travel deep into the desert, explore undiscovered areas and experience the bedouin way of life  


Live like a bedouin, feel like a bedouin

Whoever enters the Wadi Rum desert will never forget it. It has a magic that possesses hearts. With its splendour of colours from its enchanting golden sands, sunrises and its night sky full of stars

The Bedouin Wisdom

2 days — 1 night

Day 1 — Jeep tour

Day 2 — Trekking Jabal Umm Ad Dami


All bedouin meals and water provided


The Bedouin Way

3 days — 2 nights

Day 1 — Jeep tour

Day 2 — Trekking Jabal Umm Ad Dami

Day 3 — Climb Burdah Rock Arch


All bedouin meals and water provided
Optional Camel ride (extra cost)


All tours are flexible to fit your needs and can be tailored to suit your tastes, interests and fitness level.  

It is possible to join an other family camp with hot showers and wifi to accomodate your stay.

Welcome to Wadi Rum

Delve deeper into the desert, reconnecting with the old ways and yourself

Bedouin Trails is situated in the majestic desert of Wadi Rum. Commonly called the Valley of the moon it cuts into the sandstone and granite of south Jordan. This is the “reddest” part of Jordan, coloured by iron oxide and by far the most dramatic in terms of landscape. Visiting Wadi Rum is a voyage through the geological evolution of Earth. Massive mesas pop straight up from the sea of sand. Blowing sand and winter floods smoothed the valleys and gorges, shaping the sandstone into natural towers and curving arches.


Today many Bedouin families continue to call Wadi Rum their home and enjoy a nomadic lifestyle, setting up their tents wherever the wind takes them. Our family is one of them. Our life is closely connected to the desert and the animals that roam within it. Like our ancestors before us we have been raised with the traditions that are unique to us. We would like to share them with you. We will go the extra mile off the tourist map and go deeper into the Bedouin way of life through our everyday rituals.

The experiences we are offering are removed from the crowds in unique spots rarely visited by tourists. There is something truly magical about being out here that we believe everyone should have the opportunity to experience.


We made two days and it was amazing. You will not find nicer people. Great food, great mood. About the desert, impossible to describe: you have to go see for yourself.

Freddie Jaeger — Auckland, New Zealand


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